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Natural Nails 


in Northampton

Gel Nails ~ Lash Lifts ~ Brows ~ Pedicures ~ Waxing

Gel Polish

I use 4 brands of gel polish in the salon; CND Shellac, Madam Glam Nailchemy and CJP. I have more than one brand as no same colour or formula of polish works on the same client in the same way. Everyone's nails behave differently, and so choosing a polish can almost be like a prescriptive task. By having a few options, we can find which will suit you and your nail lifestyle.

First up is the polish that started it all, CND Shellac. Branded as a hypoallergenic power polish, it burst onto the nail scene and began our love affair for shiny, smudge and dent free coatings on our nails that lasted beyond just a few days that the traditional manicure gave us. Creative Nail Design changed the way we polished our nails forever and it was this new innovation that launched my business with huge success. over 10 years ago

Next we have Madam Glam. This is a great line, made in New York and the EU and is a popular choice with my clients. The longevity of it is great and the beautiful hues and colours are very enticing along with it's great shine.

It's removal is one of the best also, so if time is of great importance to you, this brand speeds up the removal part of the manicure greatly.

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Next we have Nailchemy. A UK brand, developed by a husband and wife team who have worked in the nail industry for many years. Their whole brand is about magic and fantasy and their colour names are great fun! They have an amazing version of cat eye gel polishes which they call Dragon Glass, and these are some of the strongest effects of this type of polish I've seen. Longevity of the brand is good and I'm very impressed so far, hopefully you will be too.

Gel, polish, nails, nailchemy, nail salon, northampton

And lastly we have CjelP (CJP). This is a new brand I introduced during Covid-19 lockdown (yes, even temporary closure during a pandemic doesn't stop me buying more polish!) All I can say is Wow! Stunning super pigmented colours, incredible shine that lasts your entire manicure and amazing removals. Still relatively unknown, this is one that will become huge amongst techs very soon, I can feel it. Very impressed with it and clients are too. Their rubber bases are game changers and increase wear by at least a week! Loving this brand <3

With 4 different brands of polishes for clients to choose from, all with their own benefits, colours & hues; and with a little dedication and experimenting, we can find your perfect system and colour. Book an appointment now by calling 07522 931540