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Natural Nails 


in Northampton

Gel Nails ~ Lash Lifts ~ Brows ~ Pedicures ~ Waxing


I offer a range of waxing services at the salon and have been trained by Kim Lawless, one of the most well known trainers in the industry. Please see below for a list of what I offer together with pricing. I use Hot wax for all waxing services other than for the lower leg, where I use strip or film wax.

It is vital that the Pre and Post aftercare advice is followed carefully to ensure you achieve the best results from your treatment and that any risk of infection, contra-actions (a reaction that occurs during or after treatment) or ingrowing hairs are minimised. 

There are also several factors that could rule you out of being able to have the wax service performed at all, so a full consultation will be necessary before we start your waxing and a list of contra-indications (conditions that prevent treatment) is also available here on my site for you to read. This information can be found by clicking here  or by using the menu tabs at the side. Please read through before booking your appointment to ensure you are able to have the treatment done.

Brow Tidy with Hot Wax - £12.00

A basic tidy up of the hairs from underneath, on top and in between the brows

Upper Lip with Hot Wax - £11.00

Removal of hair, going in 2 different directions and using the Kim Lawless magic carpet technique to ensure every hair is removed

Brow Tidy & Upper Lip Combined - £18.00

Chin - £8.00

Removal of hair from the top and underneath of the chin

Chin & Upper Lip Combined - £13.00

Underarm - £15.00

Half Leg - £20.00

Fronts and backs of the lower leg only but including the knee and toes using strip wax

Standard Bikini Line - £20.00

A quick wax just in the upper crease of the leg taking the hair from just outside the knicker line only

Extended/High Bikini - £28.00

Hair is taken from just inside the knicker line and top of the pubic line to allow a higher bikini brief to be worn

Standard Bikini & Half Leg Combined - £35.00