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in Northampton

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Waxing Pre & Post Advice

This section will give you all the information you need to prepare for, and then look after your skin following your treatment to achieve the best results.

Please note that some redness, bumps and even some blood spotting can occur during and after a wax treatment. This is totally normal and will subside within 24-48hrs. Following the pre and post aftercare thoroughly should ensure that any contra-actions (reactions) are minimal.

However, should your symptoms persist for more than a few days, or worsen, then please seek medical advice from your GP as you may be experiencing an allergy to the wax.

You will receive a leaflet copy of these instructions once you have been for your appointment to keep for your information.

Before your wax

- First and Foremost! Please make sure that your hair is long enough for waxing. You need to have at least 3-4 weeks growth for the waxing service to give the best results, particularly if you have been shaving the area and this is your first ever wax. If the hair is too short, it won't be able to be removed properly, resulting in a stubbly feel to the skin and an inability to pull the hair from the root. You're looking for 1/4 inch of hair growth, that's roughly the same length as a grain of rice. If having a bikini wax, the hair mustn't be too long either. If the hair is longer than 1/4 inch, please trim to the right length before coming to your appointment

- Hygiene Rules! Please ensure you are as fresh as a daisy when you come to your appointment. We need nice clean skin for the wax to grip the hair properly. If you are having a bikini wax, freshening wipes will also be provided for your use prior to the treatment.

- Leave off the lotions! Please do not apply self tanning lotions, perfumes, deodorants or any other moisturisers and creams before your appointment. These will prevent the wax from gripping the hair.

- No Heat Treatments! Please do not visit the sunbed or have a hot bath or Sauna before you come (or after!)

- Exfoliate! Please exfoliate the area to be waxed 24 hours before your appointment

After your Wax

- No Heat! Please refrain from taking hot baths/showers/Saunas/Steam Treatments. Cool or luke warm washing only for the first 24hrs

- Keep it Clean! The hair follicles are all nicely open after waxing, it is therefore essential to keep the area clean to prevent any bacteria getting in there. You also need to make sure you don't touch. It all feels lovely and smooth and is hard to not keep having a feel, but those fingertips can carry lots of germs!

- No Lotions! Once again, perfumed products, deodorants etc can cause irritation. Not what you want, so best to leave them off for the first 24hrs

- No Sweaty Gym Sessions! Perspiration in the first 24hrs can also ensure those little germs get in to those nice open follicles. This also includes swimming. Chlorinated water is not your friend

- No Tanning! In any form. No sunbathing, no sunbeds and no self/fake tanning products please. Fake tans can not only cause irritation but you will end up with what looks like blackheads all over the area that has been waxed. Skin is very sensitive for 24hrs so sunbathing is also not recommended as you may be more likely to burn. If you are going on holiday, it is best to arrange to have your waxing appointment 48hrs before you go

- Ditch the Glam! Please refrain from wearing make-up for 24hrs if you have had facial waxing, because, you guessed it! Those open pores and pesky little germs again.....

- Embrace the sag! Please wear loose clothing for the first 24hrs, friction will help along those ingrowing hairs. Not comfortable and not nice, particularly in the bikini area. No one wants itchy, infected bits

- Exfoliate & Soften up! Exfoliate is a waxing technician's favourite word. It is so important to exfoliate the area every few days to help prevent ingrowing hairs and to remove dead skin cells. Please wait a few days after your wax before you start doing this however, the skin needs to get back to normal before you start scrubbing away. Then make sure you moisturise well, every day.

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